Developers given green light for 9,600 new homes

Plans have been approved to build up to 9,600 new homes in Gloucestershire.

The homes will be built by 2031 in the Stroud Valleys and Vale.

Many of the homes are already in the planning pipeline but proposals for a further 2,400 new properties have still to be agreed.

This substantial development is part of Stroud District Council’s core strategy for housing and employment over the next 20 years.

Homes will be developed across North East Cam, Sharpness and the Stroud Valley areas. The government is expected to sign off on the proposal next year.

Stroud District Council leader Geoff Wheeler admitted he was not in favour of all aspects of the proposals but accepted both the need and importance of getting a plan in place.

The leader of the opposition Conservative group, Keith Pearson, is pleased that despite the current economic climate, a plan has been agreed for the future.

He told journalists: “We’ve done what is right for the district by approving a local plan that we can get on the stocks.”

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