Council gives green light for 1,600 new homes on farmland

Green light newA local authority has given the green light for more than 1,600 new homes on farmland in Essex.

The proposed development at Mile End near Colchester includes new primary and secondary schools to support the expanding population.

Local residents are unhappy with the proposals and say the homes should be built on brownfield sites. They are concerned about the loss of green space and the inevitable increased demands and pressure on local traffic and public transport.

Despite protests from residents and the local MP Sir Bob Russell, the proposal has been approved by Colchester Borough Council.

Mr Russell has described the new homes development as a planning and environmental disaster. His comments in the local media include: “The Romans did a much better job when it came to planning in Colchester. The battle is not over.”

The council feel the development will provide urgently needed affordable homes which will boost the housing supply in the area. It will also provide economic benefits through construction and associated jobs.

The plan still has to be ratified by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Completion of the development is expected within 10 years.

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