Waterbeach development plans

Brownfield land 1Controversial plans for the development of two sites in South Cambridgeshire near the village of Waterbeach could see the construction of up to 20,000 new homes in the area.

The Ministry of Defence owns a brownfield site at the former Waterbeach Barracks which its agents say could be developed for 6,500 homes according to a report in the Cambridge News.

A consortium of landowners and investors, Royal London Waterbeach (RLW), owns an adjoining greenfield site which locals fear could see the addition of a similar number of homes. Plans for the barracks originally drawn up by RLW were for around 4,500 spread across the two sites – so clearly the density of housing has increased exponentially prompting further concerns about pressures on infrastructure in the area.

Meanwhile, a government inspector has outlined her schedule of inquiry into plans for development across the whole of South Cambridgeshire. The inquiry will scrutinise plans submitted by Cambridge City Concil and South Cambridgeshire Ditrict Council for 33,000 new homes to be delivered up to 2031.

South Cambridgeshire’s plan is for around 22,000 new homes including those at Waterbeach, a new village at Bourn Airfield and an urban extension to Cambourne.

If the plans get the green light there will be plenty of opportunities for developers and home buyers in the region.

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